A film by Frédéric Dumont and Bernard Balteau


“I think we must tell people of the quiet courage of these woman who risked everything to save children.”

Just A Link is a unique message of humanism and humanity. Andrée Geulen tells the story of twelve women of the Belgian Jewish Defence Committee, and the way they organised to save thousands of children in Nazi-occupied Belgium.

Director Frédéric Dumont Un simple maillon
Writers Bernard Balteau
Frédéric Dumont
Images Frédéric Riche
Sound Vincent Somers
Editing Laora Bardos
Music Dame Blanche
Producers Willy Perelsztejn
Yvan Sevenans
Associate producer Christine Pireaux

52 minutes – Beta Digital – Stereo – Colour

A coproduction of Les Films de la Mémoire – RTBF – Wallonie Image Production

With the support:

  • Of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the French-speaking Community of Belgium and the Walloon TV-Broadcasters
  • Of the Foundation for the Shoah Memory – France
  • Of the French-speaking Community – Wallonia – Brussels
  • Of the Walloon Region

Grand Prize for Humanism : XXVIIth International Festival of the Art and Pedagogic Film, UNESCO House, Paris – december 2003
Nomination for the Dexia Bank Journalism Prize 2003

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