A film by Jorge Amat


More than half a century ago, civil war broke out in Spain. It lasted three years, and put Europe to the test. Between July 1936 and March 1939, 40,000 men and women went to the aid of the Republic and the Spanish people in their fight against Franco and his allies, the European fascist states. They came from the four corners of the earth, sparked by a free, personal commitment. They fought for a cause which their governments refused to back, until in their turn felt the menace of the fascist plague. In this film, we hear some forty volunteers of the International Brigades, from twelve different countries, speaking of their motivations, their struggles and their destinies.

Director Jorge Amat L'espoir pour mémoire
Writer Emil Weiss
Jorge Amat
Historical adviser Rémi Skoutelsky
Images Jean-Michel Humeau
Editing Françoise London
Music Ramon De Herrera
Director assistant Paloma Fernandez
Sound Elie Mendel

3×52 minutes – Beta SP – Stereo – Colour

A coproduction of Planète Cable – Les Films de la Mémoire – Tino Calabuig Produccionnes – Les Productions de la Lanterne – Michkan World Productions

With the support:

  • Of France 3
  • Of the National Centre of Cinematography
  • Of the Ministry of Culture and French-speaking (Departement of International Affairs)
  • Of the state and regional council of Aquitaine
  • Of the French-speaking Community of Belgium
  • Of the PROCIREP Television Commission
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