A film by Diane Perelsztejn


The Comic Strip Hits 100 is a marvellous celebration of the art of the comic strip. Narrated by the American novelist Jerome Charyn, and featuring rare interviews with some of the masters of the art form including Moebius, Schuiten and Franck Pé, The Comic Strip Hits 100 traces the evolution of the comic strip and its largely unacknowledged relationship with painting, sculpture, literature and the cinema.

Director Diane Perelsztejn La bande dessinée a 100 ans
Writers Diane Perelsztejn
Willy Perelsztejn
Alain Reyt
Ives Trévian
Images Guido Van Rooy
Editing Amaury de l’Escaille
Producer Willy Perelsztejn
Graphic artist Pixi Brush
Music and theme Stéphane Sirchis
Christophe Sirchis
Commentary Catherine Conet
Historian Christophe Canon

53 minutes – Beta Digital – Stereo – Colour

A coproduction of Nowhere Land Productions – Les Films de la Mémoire – Cinétévé – Canal + – RTBF – AVRO – TSI

With the support:

  • Of the National Funds for Support of Audiovisual Production – Luxemburg
  • Of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the French-speaking Community of Belgium
  • Of the Funds for Cinema – Brussels
  • DOCUMENTARY & MAP-TV, initiatives of the MEDIA program of the European Union
  • Of the National Lottery
  • Of the MEDIA program of the European Union for the distribution

Grand Prize for Pedagogy : XXIst International Festival of the Art and Pedagogic Film, UNESCO House, Paris – 1997

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