A film by Diane Perelsztejn


For lovers of music, Kathleen Ferrier is truly unique. Her international career spanned just eight years between 1946 and 1953, but it was enough to place her among the greatest singers of all time. Drawing on a wealth of recently discovered material sourced from archives around the world, including intimate home movies and photographs, this moving film sheds new light on her remarkable life and meteoric rise to fame. Intertwined with digitally remastered recordings of her finest performances, including some never before released, the film features a rare sound interview recorded at the peak of her career that lends Ferrier’s own distinctive voice to the story. This is a stirring portrait of an extraordinary woman in love with life and music, and whose glorious voice enthralled the whole world.

Director and writer Diane Perelsztejn Kathleen Ferrier
French voice over Marthe Keller
English voice over Charlotte Rampling
Editing Marguerite Le Bourgeois
Boris Van der Avoort
Images John Davey
Images (Ictus segment) Etienne Carton de Grammont
Sound Philippe Vandendriessche
Producers Willy Perelsztejn
Françoise Gazio
Diane Perelsztejn
Coproducer Jan Roekens
Executive producers Renelde Dupont
Claire Lion

68 minutes – Video – Stereo – B&W and Colour

A production © Les Films de la Mémoire, ARTE France, Idéale Audience, Diane Perelsztejn & Company
CPC Bruxelles, Création et Mémoire, SophimagesWith the support of The Kathleen Ferrier Society, Screen Australia, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Walllonie-Bruxelles et VOO, Fonds Audiovisuel de Flandre, Programme MEDIA de l’Union Européenne, Centre national de la Cinématographie et de l’Image animée, Procirep, Musiq3, La Médiathèque

Visit the official website : www.kathleenferrier.be

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