Un film de Willy Perelsztejn

Ashcan tells the story of the secret prison where the main Nazi leaders were incarcerated following the Allied victory on 8 May 1945.
This is the untold story of what took place at Ashcan, the codename for the prison placed under US authority at Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, where top Nazi leaders such as Hermann Göring, Karl Dönitz, Wilhelm Keitel, Alfred Rosenberg, Robert Ley, Hans Frank, Julius Streicher, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Lutz von Krosigk, Franz von Papen and others would be detained and interrogated.

Director Willy Perelsztejn
Conseiller à la réalisation Claude Lahr
Images  Carlo Thiel
Sound  Carlo Thoss
Editing  Ewin Ryckaert
Soundtrack  André Mergenthaler
Producer  Willy Perelsztejn
Studio montage image Triangle7
Experts Richard Bessel
Eric David
Patrick Mandoux
François Heisbourg
Lothar Jonck
Jean-Michel Sterkendries

90 minutes  (et version 52min) – Vidéo HD – Stéréo – Couleur

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